Reality rarely lines up with our fantasies, especially on vacation, but La Cabane may be an exception. It is, without hyperbole, the perfect beach restaurant—just the sort of place you daydream of finding when heading to the Tropics. Which means that, physically, it is little more than a large cookshack with a covered open-air bar and a sprinkling of tables on the sand. It's all covered with thatched palm leaves and faces the bluer-than-blue sea. But what makes it "perfect" is that it offers more than scenery. The staff is half-French, half-Bajan, and all smiles—a witty, cordial crew that seems to enjoy hanging out on the beach with their customers. The food, overseen by a French chef, is a cut above: sourced locally (when possible), and simply but expertly cooked, whether it's grilled lobster; a crisp salad of mixed greens, mango and pecans; or whole grilled fish plucked from the sea that morning. Kudos, especially, for the music choices. Instead of blasting the same-old, same-old American Top 40 hits that the rest of the island plays in all public spaces ad nauseam, here the soundtrack is groovy, with some retro pieces, some Europop, and some swingy jazz. It all adds up to a delightfully chill place for a meal or a sundowner.