Between Bahuichivo and here, the train stops at San Rafael to change crews. By the time it arrives at these two stops, it's at the highest part of its journey. Many packages include at least a night here for soaking up the great views of the canyons. Two nights would be better if you want to spend some time in the mountains.

Barrancas and El Divisadero are less than 3km (1 3/4 miles) apart. Coming from Los Mochis, you'll arrive at Barrancas first. At this stop, drivers from the Hotel Mirador, Hotel Rancho, and Mansion Tarahumara meet passengers. Then the train takes you to El Divisadero (elevation 2,240m/7,347 ft.), where you'll find the Hotel Divisadero-Barrancas, taco stands (at train time), and a spectacular view of the canyon. The train stops for 20 minutes -- time to walk down the steps to the lookout to enjoy the view and purchase one or two mementos from the Tarahumara Indians, who sell sweet- smelling pine-needle baskets, homemade violins, and wood and cloth dolls. Hotels arrange various excursions, including a visit to a cave-dwelling Tarahumara family, hiking, and horseback riding. All hotels listed below offer free secure parking.

The state of Chihuahua has plans to build an adventure park in this part of the canyon, specifically the area below El Divisadero. In 2010 it inaugurated cable car service from the rim down 345m (1,150 ft.) into the canyon. The cable car system is Swiss built and offers spectacular views of the canyon. Each car holds up to 50 passengers. The trip, down or up, lasts about 8 minutes and costs $20 per person. Thrill seekers can pay $50 to take a network of zip lines to get to the lower cable car station, getting there in a more roundabout way. There are plans to gradually add more services, and activities such as mountain biking trails, and there is even talk of building another, smaller cable car that goes all the way to the bottom of the canyon.

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