If you love Chinese movies, you can easily spend a few hours here. The exterior of this modern black and white complex was loosely designed to look like a giant screen and movie clapperboard. The central atrium has a constantly changing light fixture that bathes the hall in cool colors, along with a wide ramp leading to the upper floors. Exhibits show off black-and-white stills and old camera equipment among other movie memorabilia. There's even a special effects section where photos can be taken against different blue-screen backgrounds, letting visitors make a virtual escape from a dinosaur, or float over the Temple of Heaven. There's little English here, so if you don't read Chinese, you're out of luck. The Museum also houses one of the few IMAX theaters in town. The big drawback is the location, far outside central Beijing, although a visit here could easily be combined with a trip to the many art galleries in the area.