This place is special. A vegetarian restaurant that doesn’t make any point at all of being virtuous or preachy, Chase’s was formed by a local farm family (the Chases) with a simple philosophy: Cook superlocal foods, as freshly as possible, based on the things being grown at the farm. It maintains a balance between simple, hearty food and more sophisticated offerings—so good that a line often stretches out the door, even on weekdays, even at lunch. Breakfast (Saturdays only) ranges from oatmeal to breakfast burritos to healthy fruit smoothies; lunch segues nicely into a menu of very popular pizzas, sandwiches, soups, and salads with an emphasis on Asian, Latin American, and European themes. Dinner happens just once a week, on Friday nights, and might feature anything from grilled polenta to Indian food. The whole room is very inviting and light-filled, with wooden floorboards, lots of local art, and a pressed-tin ceiling, and Sunday brunches are highly regarded—you’ll occasionally meet some road-tripping Portland foodies. From June through November or so, there’s a daily farmer’s market in back. Absolutely call ahead about table availability if you’re serious about eating here in high season.