Getting There

To get to Bergama, take one of the through-buses heading from Istanbul to Izmir or from Izmir to Çanakkale. Your best bet is on a Metro Turizm bus, which are the only ones to go all the way into Bergama center (after a stop at the bus station; you may have to change for a Metro minibus there, or not). All other buses (except Truva, which dumps you on the highway opposite the otogar) go to the new bus station located approximately 7km (4 1/3 miles) outside of town. From there, either hop on a dolmus (1TL), take a taxi (10TL), or keep the number of your hotel or guest house handy -- they may pick you up.

Visitor Information

The tourist information office is located at Izmir Cad. 54, to the right of the government building (tel. 0232/633-1862), and is open weekdays 8:30am to 12:30pm and 2 to 5:30pm. You can pick up a map of the city, but with the city's network of one-way streets and the narrow cobbled lanes that meander through the Old Town, you may as well be reading Greek.


The town of Bergama has developed on and around the ancient city of Pergamum. The heart of the modern city lies around the town's central park and municipal building while the center of Eski, or Old Bergama, with its fruit market and carpet shops, is situated around the adjoining neighborhood of the Red Basilica, with its necklace of dusty souvenir shops and carpet sellers. The road past the Red Basilica winds up and around for about 5km (3 miles) until it arrives at the Acropolis, while the Asklepion is located closer to town behind the military camp. Frequently overlooked are the original old Greek houses of Eski Bergama, whose steep inclined streets intertwine in the neighborhood above the Red Basilica.

Getting Around

There is no public transportation from Bergama to either the Acropolis or Asklepion, although the latter is a reasonable walk from the town's center. A taxi to the Acropolis will cost about 15TL to 20TL. If you're looking for an uphill hike, there's a way to access the Acropolis on foot, saving the cost of round-trip taxi fare and the entrance fee all in one go. (Cross the Tabak Bridge and follow the path up and to the right toward the lower Agora.) Better yet, take a taxi up and hoof it on the way down, but wear well-treaded shoes and bring plenty of water. It's a long way up (and down).

Note: This information was accurate when it was published, but can change without notice. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.