If you’re curious about life in the now-defunct GDR (that is, former Communist East Berlin), here’s your chance to indulge in what Berliners call Ostalgia, a kind of kitschy nostalgia for Soviet culture (without the Stasi spying on you and better food). This tower-block hotel wafts you back to the recent yesteryears of Russian bad taste. A picture of a beaming East German official adorns the reception, where clocks show the time in Commie Moscow, Havana, and Beijing. You can choose to snooze in a prefab apartment decorated with Soviet-era furnishings and portraits of vanished politicians, check into the Stasi suite complete with bugging devices (inoperable), or bed down in the budget pioneer dorm like a good little apparatchik. Don’t expect the luxuries of the decadent West because you won’t find any—except for bed linen and towels. But you will probably have a good time, a decent night’s sleep, and wake up glad that the Wall fell. Plus the staff is nicer than anyone ever was during the GDR days.