Dining in a landmark like the Reichstag, Germany’s Parliament building, is a memorable experience, perhaps as much for the setting as for the cuisine. But you need to deal with security issues if you want to dine in to this popular rooftop restaurant adjacent to the famous glass dome that crowns the building. When you call for a reservation you’ll have to give your date of birth and then you’ll be given a reservation number. Present this number and a photo I.D. to the attendant at the Reichstag’s entrance facing the Platz der Republik, and you’ll be shown to an elevator that goes directly to the restaurant, avoiding the lines of sightseers waiting to visit the dome. It’s worth it: The modern German food is almost as good as the view. Be different and come for breakfast, before the crowds appear. The lunch menu features some surprisingly old-fashioned Berlin favorites. The dinner menu is rich and meant to be paired with fine wines: marinated saddle of venison on apple-celery salad with cream of smoked trout and radish, ragout and fried fillet of pigeon…you get the picture, and the fabulous view that goes with it.