Around since the 1980's, this Prussian throw-back (complete with oil lamps and vested waiters) isn't the kind of place foodies flock to. But the cooking is honest and authentic in a way that's immensely satisfying—if you're a meat eater, that is. For an appetizer, try homemade aspic, smoked Pomeranian goose, or fried chicken legs. Other starters include Beetenbartsch, a delicious red-beet soup with beef strips and sour cream, and a tasty potato soup with shrimp and bacon. Main courses are something of an adventure: stewed pickled beef with green dumplings and stewed cabbage; smoked ham in cream sauce, pork kidneys in sweet-and-sour cream sauce, or roast of elk with chanterelle mushrooms; or, for the less adventurous, that old Berlin favorite, Königsburger Klöpse (meatballs with parsley potatoes and beetroot).