Located in tranquil Flatts Village, this family friendly collection of exhibits showcases fish, insects, and land animals found in Bermuda and in other oceanic island ecosystems around the globe (think lemurs and fossa from Madagascar or kangaroos and wallabies from Australia). It also houses an extensive natural history museum, which addresses Bermuda's roots as a volcanic island and teaches visitors about techniques Bermudians have implemented over the years to survive on an island with limited natural resources (collecting rainwater on the roofs of houses being chief among them, since Bermuda has no fresh water). In the aquarium you’ll find 200 species of fish and marine invertebrates found in Bermuda's waters, including a 140,000-gallon tank that mimics a healthy coral reef with large predatory fish like sharks and black grouper. And in the zoo you can explore over 300 birds, reptiles and mammals—sprawling outdoor exhibits, which are connected via shady coastal walkways. If you've little ones in tow, there's a fantastic playground with slides, a sandbox, and a replica pirate ship that kids can climb on. And if you're hungry don’t miss AZU, the waterfront café with soups, salads, and sandwiches (try the fish tacos made with local wahoo).