Plan to spend at least a half-day exploring this superb complex, which feature fish and land animals from Bermuda and around the globe, plus an extensive natural history museum devoted to the island’s cultural traditions and geological beginnings. The highlight of the aquarium is the North Rock Exhibit, a display that’s modeled after an actual geological formation off Bermuda’s north shore. It occupies a 529,958-liter (140,000-gal.) tank and allows visitors to experience a coral reef washed by ocean surge. The tank houses a living coral reef, as well as reef and pelagic fish species. It was the first living coral exhibit on this scale in the world. The zoo’s open-air exhibits star lemurs and fossa from Madagascar, kangaroos and wallabies from Australia, and other handsome critters.  In the natural history museum, visitors learn how the volcanic creation of the island, as well as the techniques Bermudians have implemented over the centuries to survive on an island with limited natural resources. If you’ve got little one’s in tow, there’s a fantastic playground with a replica pirate ship.