Located on the second floor of City Hall in the heart of the City of Hamilton, this is the home of the island nation’s art collection, showing Bermudian and world art alike. The museum displays a diverse permanent collection as well as changing exhibitions. Both past and contemporary works from local and international painters not only tell the story of Bermuda’s history, but also reflect its heritage. The gallery opened in 1992 with a core collection of European masters, including Gainsborough, Reynolds, and Murillo. The collection was bequeathed to Bermuda by the Hon. Hereward T. Watlington. In addition to the Watlington Collection, the museum has an African collection (African figures, masks, and royal regalia), a Bermuda collection (which ranges from 17th-c. decorative arts to contemporary Bermudian work), and a wide range of Bermudian and international photographs, prints, and modern art.