Located in the heart of Hamilton, on the second floor of the City Hall & Arts Centre, the Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) is home to the island's national art collection. In the permanent gallery you'll find a trio of historical collections. The Bermuda Collection, which represents a concise history of the island over a 350-year period, includes works by the first Bermudian artists, placards on the influence of military and itinerant painters, and decorative arts like furniture and silverware. The African Collection comprises 37 works including sculptures, masks, and textiles that came from the continent in the 1940s and 1950s. The Watlington Collection includes 18 historic European paintings bequeathed to the people of Bermuda by founding Trustee Hereward T. Watlington in 1989—a gift that helped to create the BNG in 1992. In the Exhibition Hall, you'll find an ever-changing array of contemporary and historical art from local students and emerging artists from around the world.