Lovingly referred to as BUEI by locals, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute is a 40,000-square-foot science center dedicated to Bermuda's discovered and undiscovered underwater world. Tour the Jack Lighbourn Shell Collection, an impressive display of ocean mollusks featuring 1,200 shells that represent 1,000 species around the world (three of which were named for Lightbourn himself). Climb inside deep sea diving equipment, including a replica of the bathysphere used in William Bebe and Otis Barton’s record-setting dive in 1934 (they descended 3,028 feet in a the small metal sphere). Experience what it's like to dive to 12,000 feet aboard BUEI’s virtual submersible, dubbed the Nautilus X2, during a seven-minute "dive" that shakes, rattles, and encounters underwater creatures of all kinds. BUEI also features an entire wing dedicated to artifacts, coins, and other treasure recovered from Bermuda's more than 300 shipwrecks—a testament to the work and efforts of local archaeologist Teddy Tucker.