Located in the Town of St. George’s, this collection of one- and two-bedroom cottages also doubles as one of Bermuda’s few timeshare accommodations. Don’t worry! There are no hateful presentations to sit through here. Instead, guests get all of the amenities one would need for a long-term stay. Newly renovated units face the ocean, pool or the now-defunct golf course and feature full kitchens, spacious living areas, and bathrooms with large sunken tubs and marble vanities. The sprawling 17-acre property is also flush with amenities, including three pools, two tennis courts, a clubhouse with laundry facilities, and a fitness center plus two restaurants (one on-site and another at nearby Achilles Bay, accessible via the hotel’s shuttle bus). For those seeking a self-catered option on the east end, the St. George’s Club is a fine choice, just don’t expect much to hold your attention at night since the town is sleepy at best, even during peak season.