The Hog Penny remains Bermuda’s most famous and enduring watering hole, open since 1957, serving draft beer and ale to each new generation of mainlanders who head here, probably on the advice of their grandparents. The dark paneled rooms are decorated in the British style, with old fishing and farm tools, bentwood chairs, and antique mirrors. At lunch you can order pub specials (including  shepherd’s pie) or tuna salad and the like. The kitchen prepares a number of passable curries, including chicken and beef. Fish and chips and steak-and-kidney pie are the perennial favorites, and they are comparable to what you’d find in a London pub. Dinner is more elaborate; the menu might include a whole lobster, a fresh fish of the day (perhaps Bermuda yellowfin tuna), and excellent Angus beef. Hog Penny is also one of the few restaurants in town that features live nightly entertainment, so stick around for some of the best guitarists, singers and local acts on the island.  Even the staff comments from time to time on this establishment’s long-standing appeal as everyone’s tried-and-true local: “We’ll probably never redecorate, and we’ll retain the same decor until the place falls down.”