Despite the promise of a beachfront within this restaurant’s name, it occupies the ground floor of a commercial building in the center of downtown Hamilton with nary a grain of sand in sight. Still there’s a sense of vacation fun from the cheerful staff here, and an ambience that’s one of the closest things to spring break in town. We’re talking big-screen presentations of sporting events; stiff, party-colored drinks; a boisterous crowd; and uncomplicated bar food that never pretends to even approach fine cuisine. As the menu promises, its food will “fill your belly” with items that include burgers, pizzas, pastas, steaks, and simple preparations of fresh fish. A patio in front offers a great spot for people-watching, and although the full menu stops at 10pm, bar snacks are offered until midnight every night. In synch with this place’s role as a jumping late-night singles bar, a DJ spins tunes nightly from 10pm till closing.