Blu has always been something of a miracle worker. Its menu is thicker than War and Peace, the largest on the island. When we say there is everything you could possibly want to order on it, we’re not exaggerating. But incredibly, they do it all very, very well. Want sushi? Blu offers inventive, NY-style rolls. In the mood for Asian-fusion fare or a classic bowl of ziti primavera? Both will be top drawer, as will the thick cuts of meat they sear, and the many seafood dishes served here. The setting is pleasing too, serene and sleekly minimal with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Hamilton Harbour to the east and Granaway Deep to the west. The summer sunset views are scintillating (ask for a corner table). Prices are high, but as the only truly upscale restaurant in this corner of Bermuda, they don’t have any problem finding customers (so get advance reservations).