Snag an outdoor table and look out to sea: in 1609 the captain of the British ship the Sea Venture purposefully sailed his vessel onto the very reefs you see in front of you. His ship, badly damaged by a hurricane, was foundering and only by wrecking it could he save the 150 souls aboard (they had been headed for the colony of Jamestown). You’ll also see the jagged rocks that the survivors clambered onto, the first Westerners to set foot in Bermuda. Beyond them, Fort St. Catherine looms, one of the islands largest stone fortifications. If you were savvy enough to get a reservation for sunset, soon the sky will be streaked the pinks, purples and oranges one usually sees only on orchids. This is, arguably, the best sunset view on the island, and inarguably, the most dramatic sea vista. And lucky you, you’re seeing it all while dining on polished Mediterranean fare, and well-crafted cocktails. Sometimes life is good.