Low and slow—that’s the key to good BBQ, and that’s how they do it here. Every day, Boundary’s Texas-trained chef, and his assistants, pack their industrial smoker with a mix of mesquite, cherry wood, maple and hickory. Fine brisket (from Wagyu beef) is put in first, since it will cook for 24 hours. It’s followed by St. Louis ribs, local Wahoo, and (often) Bermuda-grown carrots. Eventually, it’s all served in the laid-back dining room, which is a gamers paradise. Not only are there a dozen high-def TV’s tuned to sports, but Boundary has billiards, table shuffleboard and jenga to keep diners busy until their food arrives. (That makes this a primo choice for families with kids). In addition to ‘cue, they serve finger foods and burgers.