Devil’s Isle is an angel when it comes to healthy eating. It has tons of options for both vegetarians and vegans (including an outrageously good sandwich with cashew cream, garlic spread, spinach, avocado, roasted tomato and sprouts). And when it does do meat dishes they are hormone free, and sourced from small farms. Its Harvest Bowls are a favorite, featuring fresh picked greens from local farms, as are its do-it-yourself Ramen Bowls which customers customize, picking their own noodles, broth, condiments and protein. If you want to get a little devilish, order one of their classic cocktails, some of which feature house-made liqueurs. Whatever you choose, you’ll be enjoying it inside its industrially-styled dining room that feels straight out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn (think hanging Edison bulbs and exposed metal ducts) or on its covered sidewalk patio, where you’ll watch Hamilton’s workforce scurry by during daylight hours.  A few tips: If you’ve only got time for a smoothie, vegetable juice or a really good cup of coffee (they roast their own beans), pop into its adjacent Kaffe House, which also sells small bites and to-go items.  And if you’re planning on sitting down for a meal, get a reservation. This place is tiny and hugely popular, even at lunchtime.