Named for the 19th-century artist Winslow Homer, who famously painted many Bermuda landscapes, this cozy café is set inside the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art—a fitting location since many of the dishes it serves are artfully created. Order an avocado toast and you’ll be treated to a fan of bright green avocado, drizzled with balsamic reduction and topped with dainty pickled onions and crumbled queso fresca; try a fruit or vegetable smoothie and you’ll be eating your garnish, typically fresh mint picked from the garden; or dig into one of its Mexican specialties like mollete, a flat bread with guacamole, refried beans and salsa fresca. Whatever you choose, have your food brought to you in the pleasant outdoor courtyard where you’ll sit within eyeshot of a large steel sculpture commemorating John Lennon’s time spent writing songs on the island.