You'll pass through a moon-gate arch to reach the raised terrace of this waterside restaurant in the center of the village. Limestone blocks and hedges ring the terrace; inside, the dining room is located downstairs. The bill of fare ranges from British pub grub to fresh local fish to traditional roast beef with Yorkshire pudding. Local Bermudian favorites and the specialties of the day, including curried mussel pie and fresh Bermuda tuna or wahoo, are your best bets. During some months of the year, lobster is a big deal around here, with much hoopla. Most of the food is fairly routine, but the chef is especially proud of his Bermuda fish chowder, a tomato-based soup that some locals consider the best in the West End. In the mood for a beer? Buy a bucket of five for just $28, easily one of the best deals in pricey Bermuda. (Note: Beer by the pint is not a good deal here, in fact you may end up paying as much as $15 for a fresh-pulled glass.)