This is an ideal spot to bring the kids for two reasons. It features an outdoor play with toys and a picnic table where tykes can blow off steam while the meal is being prepared. And what kid doesn’t love a make-your-own pizza menu? Order one and your kids will get a dollop of uncooked dough and a selection of toppings that they can sprinkle on. For adults there are wholesome, often locally-sourced dishes, like Korean poke bowls, French open-faced sandwiches, and Alsatian style flatbreads. Vegetarians and vegans are well taken care of, with lots of veggie offerings on the menu, and many items can be easily adapted to accommodate dietary requests. Tip: This small restaurant is often fully booked at lunch at dinner, so if you’re stopping by before or after the Bermuda, Aquarium, Museum and Zoo be sure to make a reservation.