Sunday River has grown at stunning speed, to swiftly become one of the best ski mountains in New England with great, well-maintained terrain. Unlike ski areas that developed around a single tall peak, Sunday River expanded along an undulating ridge 3 miles wide that encompasses seven peaks -- so simply traversing the resort, stitching a run together via the various chairlift rides, can take an hour or more. As a result, you're rarely bored. The descents offer something for everyone, from deviously steep and bumpy runs to wide, wonderful intermediate trails. Sunday River is also blessed with plenty of river water for snowmaking and makes tons of the fluffy stuff. The superb skiing conditions are, alas, offset by an uninspiring base area; the lodges and condos here tend to be architecturally dull, and there's little nightlife save a brewpub. Anyway, you won't care, because the trails here are usually so good that they're often crowded all weekend even though there isn't a town or city of significant size for many tens of miles. Come on a weekday, though, and you'll pretty much have the place to yourself. There's good night skiing, with good discounts to match, and they'll even refund your ticket if you don't like the day's snow conditions and ask for your money back by 10am.