Stop by Nepenthe if only to admire the view and pay homage to Henry Miller, who wrote some of his most significant works here. At 808 feet above sea level along the cliffs overlooking the ocean, the view is celestial -- especially when fog lingers above the water. On a warm day, join the crowds on the terrace. On colder days, stay indoors. The redwood-and-adobe structure -- with a wood-burning fireplace, redwood ceilings, and bayfront windows -- has been a sanctuary for writers, artists, and travelers since 1949. Unfortunately, the food is another story; elsewhere, I would scoff at a $13 burger and $19 swordfish sandwich. Here, though, I consider it a nominal admission to dine at heights only birds usually enjoy. For the most part, the food is industrial fare (big-box-store-style hamburger patties for the grown-ups and Kraft macaroni and cheese on the kids' menu). Come for lunch or just a drink to see the view, and save your dinner bucks for elsewhere.