At more than a century old, Las Margaritas has got to be doing something right. There's nothing pretentious or fancy about Las Margaritas, but it has a rustic charm that keeps customers coming back. In the historic Chapinero neighborhood, Las Margaritas offers more than a dining experience; it also gives guests a glimpse of Bogotá and Chapinero history and culture; friendly and bilingual owner and chef Julio Rios will be happy to tell you the restaurant's history. Start with a serving of empanadas with lemon and (spicy) aji (pepper), popularly considered the best empanadas in Bogotá (they account for 40% of the restaurant's earnings). Continue with lengua en salsa (tongue in sauce) served with salad, rice, and potatoes. Or try the roast beef or the ajiaco, a typical Bogotá chicken, corn, potato, and avocado soup. For dessert, ask for the postre de natas, a mouth-watering and artery-clogging pudding of sorts.