Things to See in Bonito

All of the activities listed (plus quite a few others) are sold through tour operators in Bonito. One operator with a good English website is Ygarapé Tour, Rua Pilad Rebuá 1823 (tel. 067/3255-1733; Every tour operator offers the s...  Read more >

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Star Rating Name Type
1 star rating Aquario Natural Tour
1 star rating Cachoeira do Rio do Peixe Natural Attraction
2 star rating Floating the Sucuri Natural Attraction
1 star rating Gruta do Lago Azul Tour
1 star rating Rafting on the Rio Formosa Tour
3 star rating Rappelling and Snorkelling in Anhumas Abyss Natural Attraction
2 star rating Rio da Prata Hiking/Biking Route