Red’s is a tiny red shack next to Route 1 smack in downtown Wiscasset—right where the traffic maddeningly backs up at the bridge—that’s received more than its fair share of national ink and TV attention for its famous lobster rolls. And they are good, mostly judging by volume—so many big, fresh, moist chunks of chilled lobster, you actually can’t see the toasted hot-dog roll beneath. Red’s famously serves its rolls naked, with just a dish of butter and one of mayo on the side. Be aware that they’re pricey—you can find less expensive, less filling versions anywhere else—and that the lines are long. On a bad day, plan to spend 45 minutes to an hour waiting to place your order. (If you’re impatient—or if you happen to believe that the key to a good lobster roll is in a respectable ratio of meat to grilled, buttery bun—then head across the street to Sprague’s, where the lines aren’t nearly as long.) The few tables behind the stand fill up quickly in summer; you can also walk downhill to the public riverfront dock a minute away. Beyond the lobster rolls, very cheap fare (hot dogs, sandwiches) dominates the rest of the menu. You can also get very good ice-cream cones here.