It takes a bit of extra effort to get to Sarma. It's in a quiet area of the tourist-attraction-free neighborhood of Somerville. But once there, you'll feel like you've landed in the center of the culinary world, thanks to the gracious service, the handsomely colorful and light-filled dining room, and, most of all, the food. The seven-layered hummus really does give a different taste sensation the farther down you dip. Also exquisite are the pesto-laden kohlrabit fritters, the mussel-stuffed heirloom tomatoes, the honey-braised lamb, and the Tunisian steak tartare. All dishes are tapas-style and meant to be shared—but don't order too many. As the meal progresses, the servers circulate with the specials of the day, most based on what's freshest at the market that day, and you'll want to order a few of those, too. Note: There are a number of dishes on the menu that are vegan-friendly, and even more that are vegetarian.