Brisbane seems to have a fascination with building bridges across its wide river. There are 15 (at last count), but the most interesting is the Story Bridge, built in 1940. If you are over 12 years old and at least 130 centimeters (just over 4 ft., 3 in.) tall, you can “climb” this overgrown Meccano set. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb peaks at a viewing platform on top of the bridge, 44 m (143 ft.) above the roadway and 80 m (262 ft.) above the Brisbane River. This is only the third “bridge climb” in the world (after Sydney’s and Auckland’s), so make the most of the chance. You’ll be rewarded with magnificent 360-degree views of the city, river, and Moreton Bay and its islands, not to mention interesting stories from your guide. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Do it—you’ll love it!