After all the grand churches, convents, and mansions, it can be refreshing to visit something just as historical but a bit more down-to-earth. The Municipal Folklore Museum is made up of eight restored 17th-century dwellings, along with a modern addition. These were once the almshouses of the Shoemaker’s Guild, and now each room is decked out for a separate purpose, including a cobbler shop, a milliner's, a pharmacy, a grocery, an inn, and a typical Flemish living room and bedroom. Through the rooms' 19th- and 20th-century objects and furniture, you get a very real idea of what everyday life was all about. There’s also a small garden for sunny days; next door, the museum’s tavern, De Zwarte Kat (The Black Cat) illustrates the story of the Bruges puppet theater through props, scenery, programs, and photographs.