The magnificent collection at this museum takes you on a journey through five continents with four main themes: Belgian archaeology, antiquities, European decorative art, and non-European civilizations. The rotation of the huge permanent collection, as well as special exhibits, means that what's on display changes regularly. Founded in 1835, the museum has holdings that were initially drawn from the items owned by the dukes of Brabant and the archdukes of Hapsburg, who ruled Belgium for centuries. Today there are over 650,000 items collected from all over the world. The museum building was erected as part of the 1880 exhibition and last renovated in 2008. Start with the national archaeology collection. The Romans, Celts and Merovingians make an appearance, as does the ancient art of silica mining in Spiennes—now a UNESCO world heritage site. The museum is located, along with the Musée Royale de l'Armée et de l'Histoire Militaire and Autoworld, in the Parc du Cinquentenaire, whose triumphal arch and sculptures help make it worth visiting in its own right.