Just about everyone loves a dinosaur, and the Museum of Natural Sciences has a fabulous collection of them. It has much else besides, but it’s Europe’s largest dinosaur gallery that pulls in the crowds initially—two highlights are the famous black fossilized skeletons of iguanodons, found in the Belgian commune of Mons in 1870, and good old T. rex, which towers above you in this industrial space. The museum is invariably full of families, but this is truly an excellent museum for all ages. The Gallery of Evolution takes you through the 3.5 billion years of life on earth via six major points of evolution. Hundreds of fossils and animal exhibits bring you to the present day, and an imaginative leap jumps ahead to the animals that might be living fifty million years from now. Other don’t-miss galleries include an exhibit on the city’s biodiversity; a sparkling mineral gallery, and "250 Years of Natural Sciences," which tells the story of the museum through 14 major cleverly chosen specimens.