From the outside the Bloom resembles a rather ordinary office block, and its reception area, with a long desk, is too large to be cozy. But ignore first impressions in this case, because this is a funky hotel with style. You can choose from three categories of rooms. They vary in size but are similarly decorated, with colors of white or pale gray and brown, beds with stylish throws, and simple furniture, including a tall standard lamp shaped like a pagoda that stands in front of the large, muslin-curtained windows. Bathrooms are enclosed by frosted glass, and there are enough mirrors and good lighting for the most demanding guest. The best option is one of the four lofts arranged as duplexes, with a living area below and the bedroom above. In every room there's a wall with a fresco, each one painted by one of 287 young artists from all over Europe, and each of them a different interpretation of the word "bloom." You take breakfast (not included in the rate) in the restaurant OO!, and other meals in SmoodS, which is made up of several sections each with a different mood. Perhaps you'd like the zany furniture in the "bling-bling" part? It would all be quite pretentious if it wasn't done in such a successful, tongue-in-cheek, and fun way.