You get what this hotel is about as soon as you walk down its narrow hallway, decorated with a black chandelier and black-and-white photographs on exposed-brick walls—it all fits in perfectly with its location at the heart of chic, trendy Saint-Géry. The hotel, built in 2012, is inside an old four-story Belgian house with  oddly shaped and sized interiors, and that meant that  the architects had to come up creative solutions. The use of natural materials like stone and slate as well as well-designed, minimal furniture helps create a sense of order and space. Integrating the bathrooms into the rooms also helps. Some rooms have free-standing baths, while others are concealed behind a wall, or separated by wooden shutters or by opaque glass (though don't worry: all the toilets are separate). Different young designers have decorated the rooms—beer lovers might go for the room with a mosaic of tiny photographs creating the word "Vedett," a popular brand. Other rooms have bold, bright wall paintings or etched glass. The small hotel bar is a big local attraction, particularly on Thursdays, when there's a live jam session from 10pm to midnight, and on Fridays and Saturdays, when there's live music. This hotel isn't a cheap option, but you are in Saint-Géry and there are often special rates and deals available. Best of all, the address will give you instant street cred with the fashionistas.