Even if you’re not staying here, the hotel is worth a visit on its own account, as it is the very epitome of Belle Epoque magnificence, just a few blocks away from the Grand-Place and still owned by the brewing family who bought it in 1895. An ornate, marble-and-gilt interior complete with soaring ceilings and lavishly ornamented public rooms distinguishes this late-19th-century glamour puss from the herd of impersonal five-star hotels in Brussels. The sumptuous guest rooms are all individually decorated with classic furnishings and some rather startling color schemes; the suites are positively OTT with luxurious soft furnishings and antique desks. There’s so much available in the hotel it hardly seems worth leaving the building; the sophisticated French restaurant, L’Alban Chambon; the Belle Epoque 19ième Bar; and the sidewalk Cafe Métropole; as well as a boutique flogging expensive fripperies. Check out this place online; you can snap up some amazing bargain room rates.