From the bland exterior you'd never guess that the hotel offers a round-the-world experience inside; even the corridors have stylized maps of the world painted onto the walls. Each of the rooms is inspired by a different destination that the owners, Michel and Sophie Smeeters, have visited. To "create" Morocco, India, Japan, China, Bali, Tibet, and other parts of the world, the very hands-on Smeeters brought back all the furnishings and luxurious fabrics, objects, and artifacts that you see in the rooms. They've used their Aladdin's haul in ingenious ways: baskets are made into lamps, old wooden window frames have become cupboard doors, cushion covers and drapes are made out of brightly colored silks. The bathrooms are a generous size, and some rooms, including Bali and China, have double Jacuzzis. Downstairs there's a reception room, where breakfast is served. There's free coffee available throughout the day, and guests are more than welcome to eat their take-away evening meals here. Check the website for various packages: f you take one of the suites, you can book a free transfer from the airport. All in all, the Welcome Hotel more than lives up to its name.