Housed in a former bank, Belga Queen has pomp and circumstance to spare, with a huge marble entrance, columns and pillars, and a curved roof with frescoes and stained glass. The over-the-top, tongue-in-cheek style begins as soon as you look at the wall carving behind the front desk, which displays names of illustrious Belgians. The place is huge, and the menu is long, which could be a recipe for disaster. But the cooking is spot-on; not Michelin worthy, perhaps, but reliable. Try dishes like a simple sole meunière with pan-fried vegetables (€37), or crusted rack of lamb with beans and rosemary-infused cream (€38). Desserts are worth waiting for; for the best value try the Café Gourmand, three different desserts at €10. There's an oyster bar to one side of the entrance where you can impress with a groaning group of shellfish and oysters for two (€70 to €125). The wine list is reasonable, there are 500 different beers and classic cocktails, and the staff is delightfully helpful, whether you're toying with a soup and salad or going the whole three-course route. Don't listen to those who sniff at Belga Queen as passé; it’s a great place to eat.