This cheerful barrel-vaulted restaurant, with multicolored tiles on the walls and the floor, was an early pioneer of what became a restaurant boom in the Dansaert fashion district. By consistently delivering both a fun experience and good food, it has stayed in the public's good graces. The menu here reflects whatever is the current obsession, so a duck-foie-gras terrine comes with the reassurance that the ducks used were carefully reared, and the scallops, available as an appetizer or a main dish, are accompanied by trendy Jerusalem artichokes. Modern touches transform frogs' legs into a garlic fricassee; roasted veal hits the right European note through the use of ginger, green-olive tapenade, and mushrooms. As at most Brussels restaurants, vegetarians are taken care of, with three good dishes. And like all Belgian restaurants, Bonsoir Clara has desserts that are not to be missed. It's a noisy, fun place, but you'll probably want to dress up, not down.