If you're not keen on mushrooms, don't even think of going here. As its name implies, this restaurant is dedicated to mushrooms of every kind, taste, and variety. They are either the main point of the dish (as in truffle soup, garlic-stuffed mushrooms, or fried mushroom dumplings) or the main accompaniment, as in duck with chanterelles. Then comes the challenge of trying the dessert. Boletus ice cream is actually very good, but tiramisu with nuts and mushrooms is extraordinary. Or you could opt for cheese, perhaps a truffle pecorino. Le Café is inside an old shop, with a long narrow room where the chef cooks the food behind a counter. It's all dark woods and small tables and chairs; there's also an upstairs section where you can look down on the action. The beer and wine list is short and good, but the service can be willing but slow.