The idea behind Les Filles is family. Here, in a large, airy, three-story house in the fashionable Daensaert district, you eat at a communal table from a set menu that has three starters, one main, and one dessert. It's as if you've been invited to a friend's house for a meal, and who would quibble with your friend's menu? But don't worry: you can certainly tell the staff, preferably in advance, about any food allergies or aversions you may have to a particular ingredient. The menu, which champions "slow food" and organic ingredients whenever possible, may include dishes such as rabbit and hazelnut terrine, a Moroccan chicken pastille with fresh mango sauce, and tagliata (sliced steak) with a potato gratin that uses Comté cheese. The homeyness extends to how the meal is served, as well: you cut your own bread and serve yourself, and the dishes and plates are mix and match. Don't worry if the door is shut outside meal times; just knock and you'll be let in. It's a multipurpose setup; there's a great little grocery on the ground floor, and cooking lessons and wine courses are held upstairs.