This museum in the Buda Hills occupies the little house that was the famed composer Béla Bartók's last Hungarian address before emigrating to the United States in 1940, never to return. The house and the exhibits recounting Bartók's life will be fascinating to fans who are familiar with his music, and in fact many fans have made pilgrimages here to pay their respects. For others, it will probably not be worth the trek up here. The house has been furnished and set up to reflect the period during which Bartók lived here, and it has some original furniture, photographs, documents, and mementos from his life. When Bartók lived here the neighborhood was more like the countryside, which is why he chose it, away from the noisy city. A statue of the composer stands outside in the lovely garden, where there is a round theater that hosts open-air concerts in spring and summer. The 12-seat theater on the second floor also hosts concerts and discussions. Every year on September 26, the date on which Bartók's died in 1945, the Bartók String Quartet performs.