Budapest Bike was started in 2005 by six Hungarian cyclists. They offer the coolest bike tours downtown, starting at 10am daily for as few as one person. The tour costs 5,000 Ft. It includes a tour guide, bike rental, helmet, map, a chain lock, and a drink. They also have tours outside of the city. If you are bound and determined to go it alone, they will rent you a bike for 6 hours for 2,000 Ft or for a full day at 3,000 Ft; a tandem will run you 3,000 Ft for 6 hours and 5,000 Ft for a full day. A helmet, chain lock, and insurance are all included in the rental. They also offer a guided evening program, called a pub crawl, which will take you to the hottest pubs in Budapest for a mere 5,000 Ft. Included in this tour is a guide for 4 hours, a minimum of four pubs, two beers, and a shot. A minimum group of four people is needed.