The bus tour people now have extended their offerings to boat tours as well. Sailing up and down the river on a boat to tour the city is a wonderful way to see the major sites along the river's edge. The discount bus tour company has extended their services to the waters of the Danube, offering 1-hour sightseeing tours by boat. It is able to accommodate up to 100 passengers with roof and side decks for good weather viewing. Boats depart frequently from Vigadó tér (on the Pest waterfront, between the Erzsébet Bridge and the Chain Bridge, near the Budapest Marriott hotel). In winter, the inside is heated, making this a year-round tour option. The tour is in English and German, passing Parliament, turning at Margaret Island, and passing many popular sights along the way. The price for adults is 3,500 Ft ($19/£10) with pickup or 3,000 Ft ($16/£8.50) at the dock, and for students the price at the dock is 2,500 Ft ($14/£7). From June 1 to October 31, eight tours are offered daily. From November 1 to 29, and in February, there are two tours daily and in March there are four tours daily.