The city's largest Jewish cemetery dates back to 1868, when the land was given to the Jewish community. The cemetery was designed by architect Freud Vilmos and the building was completed in 1896. More than a half-million Jews are buried here. Those memorialized include the 10,000 Hungarian Jews who fought in World War I and those who are victims of the Holocaust. Alfréd Hajós, the Hungarian Olympic champion and architect (the first Hungarian to win a gold medal), made the memorial possible. A set of nine large walls with pillars are inscribed with the names of victims with family and friends having hand-filled in others. About 6,500 names appear including the 2,000 victims of the Klauzál tér ghetto, who perished during the last months of the war. The cemetery is still in use today, and the many monuments and ornate headstones are worth visiting as a reminder of man's injustice to man. Situated in the eastern end of the Kobánya District, it is a tram ride away from the center of town.