A private company founded in 1990 offers several boat tours on the Danube using panoramic boats. The daytime tour, called Duna Bella, operates daily starting at 11am with multiple choices thereafter during high season. Our 1-hour tour lasted 20 minutes longer and was excellent. Two drinks are included. They operate year-round with less daily offerings in off-season months. It is best to check their website for current times. The 2-hour ride includes a stop at Margaret Island, with a walk on the island. One- or 2-hour tickets on the Duna Bella charges adults 2,900 Ft or 3,900 Ft, students 2,900 Ft, and children 1,950 Ft. For the Danube Legend, a 1-hour evening tour, adults pay 4,900 Ft, students 3,700 Ft, and children 2,450 Ft. The nighttime tour departs daily at 8:15pm in high season. Their schedule is too complex to list here; visit their website for full details. All boats leave from the Vigadó tér port, Pier 7. Tickets are available through most major hotels, at the dock, and through the Legenda website.