If you are an opera buff, you may enjoy this unique candlelit boat tour that includes performers singing famous operas, operettas, Italian and Spanish songs, musicals, instrumental solos, along with Hungarian folklore. During the tours, you will hear excerpts from Strauss, Mozart, Lehar, Gershwin, Puccini, and others. For a live show in theater seating, tickets are 4,900 Ft for adults, and 4,000 Ft for children 11 and under. VIP tickets without dinner but table seating, sightseeing, and program are 7,900 Ft for adults, 6,000 Ft for children 11 and under. Finally, a VIP Dinner ticket will cost you 12,800 Ft for adults and 9,000 Ft for the children. Music sightseeing tours are guided in English, German, and Hungarian during breaks in the performance. This is more for the music enthusiast since you will not be paying much attention to both the sights and the singing; so you may have to choose one or the other.