May sound ominous, but relax. These tours are geared for those who don't want the usual and this is positively what you experience with their half- or full-day tour. These are fully organized around your desires, so when you meet your tour Underguide, he or she forms the tour based on your ideas and then takes you to off-the-beaten-path places he or she thinks you will like the best. It is fully customizable based on your interests and they strive to meet any requests. You can go it alone or with your own group, but never with strangers. If you book by Internet, you need to give them 1 day's notice, but by phone, the same day is possible. A 4-hour tour for one to four people will cost you 79€ and 20€ for each additional person, but children 3 and under are free. They now offer specialized tours such as the Budapest Delicatessen tour, eating Hungarian specialties along the way; the family tour; and a special tour for gay and lesbian travelers. This creative company is always evolving, so check their website for the latest.