After spending years working behind bars throughout Europe, a young bartender returned home to Budapest to open this place, which is a few blocks from the Basilica. It's a great space—the entire ground level of a classic Budapest building, with an open courtyard in the center and farm-themed decorations throughout. You'll find the owner himself behind the bar on most nights. He makes a great effort to stock a diverse range of top-quality spirits, and he's particularly proud of his portfolio of aged rums. There's a nice cocktail list with drinks such as "gin tea" (green tea, lemon, and gin) and a lychee sour. If you build up an appetite, some simple cold food available, including a generous Hungarian platter piled with Hungarian charcuterie and cheese. If you are brave, head into the "blind bar," a pitch-black room where you'll be served drinks in the darkness, the idea being that the darkness is an ice breaker for meeting new people. Be prepared: happenings in the dark room are shown on a screen in the main bar area, so patrons there can see what's going on even if you can't.