Spilér is located in Gozsdu udvar, now one of Budapest's newest nightlife and café districts, but during World War II it was the heart of the Jewish ghetto. It's a complex of seven attached buildings, connected by six courtyards that connect Dob and Király utcas. It was lifeless for a few years after a complete renovation in 2008, but now it hums with popular bars and great cafés. Spilér is a fun place, with a nice selection of Hungarian craft beer and cider, pálinka (fruit brandy), and local wine. There's a menu with a great selection of bar food—burgers and fries, salads, and kenyérlángos (bread dough baked in a brick oven with a choice of toppings; essentially a homegrown version of pizza). Spilér also stands out for its high-concept design, which includes details like a bar constructed of stacked plastic crates, with upside-down ladders used as lighting fixtures hanging from above.