Hungary has one of Europe's greatest baking traditions, which means you should allow significant time for sampling the local sweets. Cakes such as Dobos torta (chocolate buttercream between six cake layers, with a hard caramel top), Eszterházy torta (a layered walnut cake with walnut cream filling), krémes (similar to a napoleon), and Rákóczi túrós (a kind of shortbread spread with apricot jam, a cottage-cheese filling, and meringue) are practically considered national treasures. Not all cukrászdák (bakeries) are created equal, however. Seek out one of the Auguszt family's three bakeries for some of the city's finest pastries. First opened in 1870, the original location was the most elegant patisserie on the Buda side. The business has always been family owned, but went through many ups and downs during the Communist era. Each of the three locations (two on the Buda side and one on the Pest side, which is the one listed here) are run by a different family member. The Pest location also serves a simple daily lunch special.