In Budapest, many traditional butcher shops also sell quick and inexpensive prepared lunches. Typically there are no tables, only counters for standing next to, and the offerings consist of simple roasted and grilled meats, sausage, and a few types of pickled vegetables. The "Downtown Pig Feast" is a modern take on this butcher tradition, with the emphasis on the prepared food rather than the raw meat. It's decorated with hanging sausages and salamis, and gets crowded around lunchtime, attracting office workers from the neighborhood who stand around tables outside and inside. Place your order at the counter, where everything is prepared to order, and choose from the selection behind the glass display case. The dishes may include fresh sausages; roasted duck, goose, pork knuckles, and pork belly; breaded pork; and sides like latkes, roasted potatoes, and various salads. And don't forget to get a selection of pickled vegetables from the pickle bar.